Pembroke Pines Stamped Concrete Contractor

Stamped concrete is a fantastic option coming from our specialists at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. All the hype around stamped concrete is deserving because it is simply a fantastic option for your indoor and outdoor floor areas. Our concrete contractors bring years of experience to each stamped concrete job. We understand just what a great look stamped concrete can accomplish. It’s hard to beat stamped concrete for durable, beautiful flooring surfaces for both indoor and outdoor purposes. If you’ve got stamped concrete on the mind, give us a call today! We’re happy to run down all of its many benefits and our services with you.


Stamped concrete is a great choice in a variety of different settings and spaces. Versatility is one of the things that makes stamped concrete so popular among our residential and commercial customers. For our professional purposes, stamped concrete is most commonly installed in places where people will see it such as pool decks, driveways, walkways, outdoor pathways and indoor floors. Not only does it look great, but people rely on stamped concrete to absolutely withstand any amount of weight put on it. We design and install stamped concrete plans for all of the areas mentioned about and more.


Here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, our professionals never get tired of running through the numbers benefits offered by stamped concrete. Stamped concrete has two main appealing traits, namely that it looks great and it holds up. Even more than the aesthetic quality, people go for stamped concrete solutions because they know that it cannot be topped in terms of durability. Stamped concrete surfaces are able to resist erosion better than other market alternatives. In fact, stamped concrete is so valuable that it has been known to boost curb appeal to the point of raising a property’s value up to 15%!

Stamped Concrete Patios

Our contractors at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors provide only the best, most thorough and most affordable stamped concrete services and solutions. As it is with all of our patio designs, our stamped concrete projects look great and more than excel when it comes to durability and quality. Stamped concrete patio designs benefit from the limitless potential of stamped concrete as a building material. We can design your patio to go with your existing decorative theme or as something totally new. If you’re looking for a great long term patio option that is likely to also boost the property value of your home, check out our stamped concrete patio options today.

Stamped Concrete Floors

The stamped concrete floor services and solutions we provide at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors are similar to our stamped concrete patio solutions in that the design potential is limitless, the durability is guaranteed and we focus on coordinating closely with you from design to installation to make sure your vision is achieved while staying within your budget. In addition to flexible design options, stamped concrete requires very little maintenance and is designed to hold up to daily amid heavy wear and tear. Great for young families, stamped concrete provides flooring surface options that you barely have to think about after installation.