Pembroke Pines Concrete Sidewalk Installation and Repair

Ramps are a great way to increase accessibility. If you’re a homeowner and want to make it easier to get into and out of your house for a loved one or just in general or if youre a business owner who wants to make your business more accessible or if you manage municipal land and need a ramp, our crew at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors are the company to call. With low, low affordable ramp installation and repair rates, there’s no better game in town. We offer the best when it comes to all things concrete ramp.

Ramp Installation

Ramp installation is a common service we provide for our customers in the Pembroke Pines, FL area. It turns out a lot of property owners are interested in making their properties more accessible. This is true of our residential, commercial and municipal clients all. It is important that ramps are smooth and fit in with the design of the rest of your property. Our design and installation services are second to none with great rates that are highly affordable and designed to be within your budget. Check out our photo gallery from recent ramp installation projects our crew has completed.

Ramp Repair

If you repair has holes or cracks or is sagging or sinking, call us today. It’s important to deal with damage to your ramp as soon as possible because problems like this only tend to linger and get worse. Soon you will be calling us to replace your reamp rather than repair it, so you better get on that today! Our expert concrete contractors will come on site to your location and examine the damage. We will give a proper estimate and promise no hidden fees or tricks. We encourage all of our customers to get our ramp repair services as soon as they notice any damage.

Parking Ramps

In commercial and municipal lots, it’s common to see parking lots that are several stories for cars and vehicles to park inside. We serve many commercial and municipal customers who rely on us to keep their parking ramps running smoothly by insuring that their parking ramps are in and remain in great shape. Structurally compromised concrete in public parking ramps is especially dangerous for all of the people who use the ramp. This is where we come in. With our ramp repair services, our commercial and municipal customers have the peace of mind knowing that an accident of that sort is unlikely at their ramp.

Wheelchair Ramps

Not sure of the disability or wheelchair requirements of your commercial or municipal property? Give us a call today! Part of our job here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors is knowing the legal ins and outs of our industry. We are the best when it comes to wheelchair ramp installation and repair, so we make it our business to know where and how they are required. If you run a business or manage a municipal property and are worried that it is not up to standard with disability access ramps, give us a call today. We have the knowhow to sort that out quickly.