Pembroke Pines Concrete Patio Contractors

Here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, we specialize in custom concrete patio options for our residential, commercial and municipals customers. From design to installation to repairs to extension work, our concrete contractors bring years of experience to each job, and we guarantee customer satisfaction with our concrete patio services and solutions. Our crew really has an eye for fantastic, durable and long lasting concrete patio designs and specializes in state of the art installation techniques. We don’t cut corners, we are only interested in designing and building great looking patios. Call us today for a consultation on our various concrete patios services.


Are you looking for a concrete patio for your home or business that looks great and is durable but also doesn’t break the bank? If you are in Pembroke Pines, FL or the surrounding area and are in the market for a new concrete patio, look no further than the highly experienced and profession crew at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. We design beautiful patios but we are also committed to designing concrete patios specifically to fit our customers’ needs. That means our commitment is also to help you get the patio design of your dreams within your budget. Check out our photo gallery for some examples of our work.


Most people envision concrete patios to be nothing other than simple rectangular concrete slabs put together. With our professionals at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, that is just the beginning. Working within any type of space or confine, our contractors design and install beautifully shaped concrete patio designs of all patterns. We offer not only decorative solutions but also long lasting concrete patios built with minimally invasive installation procedures. As about our stained concrete patio options as well as our raised concrete patio decks. Whatever you envision for the patio of your dreams, we can make it reality for an affordable price.


While our concrete patios are certainly built to last and they do, concrete patio repair is another of the comprehensive services and solutions we provide at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors in Pembroke, FL. Concrete patios are capable of showing their age from time to time. Whether it’s worn or crack or even sinking, our concrete contractors have a repair solution. Our contractors have years of experience with mud jacking and slab jacking to repair those beaten up old concrete patios. Working with the best in tools, equipment and knowhow, if your concrete patio has seen better days call our pros for a consultation.


Patios are often undersized and really should be extended for a better look and feel. Oftentimes concrete patios sort of look unfinished. This is where concrete patio extension services and solutions come into play from our experienced professionals at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. If you’re looking for affordable concrete patio extension options, you’ve come to the right place. Let us put our design talents to good use by incorporating your existing aesthetics into a new, expanded design with our concrete patio extension options. Whether you just want more space on your patio or want to revitalize it with a new enhanced long, check out our patio extension options today.