Here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, we are all about a few things that are really elemental to what we do. With our contractors, the issue of professionalism will never be in question. You won’t find concrete contractors anywhere in the Pembroke Pines, FL area with the same amount of dedication to professionalism that our crew brings to each job. We will never give you any hidden fees or tricks on your bill. We just want to help you have the concrete surfaces that you as a customer have asked us for, no more no less. Our goal is to help you have the patio, sidewalk, ramp or walkway of your dreams for rates that are well within your budget. Ask today about our bundle deals.

Some other concrete contractors will rip up your entire driveway or walkway when it just has a little crack in it just so they can charge you the extra fees for removal and installation. This is a practice we will never indulge in. We believe in serving our customers, not taking advantage of them. We will never abuse our expert knowledge of concrete to fool our customers. Period. If you need repairs, naturally not every job will be OK with a minor repair and not every job will need to be a complete replacement. Each job is different, which is why our contractors come on site to your location each time to get your specifications down exactly as you need them. With our contractors, you will get the concrete surface you want.