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Welcome to Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, the number one cement contractors in the Pembroke Pines, FL area. Concrete remains a very important aspect of pretty much all homes, businesses and municipal buildings in today’s world. It’s important to rely on experienced and knowledgeable professionals to take care of your concrete needs.
We provide services and solutions in all types of different concrete contractor work. From the design process to installation and maintenance, we want to help our customers save money by getting the most out of the concrete material. And did we mention our designs are gorgeous? Check out the photo gallery below.

About Us
At Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, our knowledgeable and professional crew of experienced contractors are about helping the community of Pembroke, Pines FL. From the design stage to full installation, our concrete works are built to not only long fantastic but to last a long time. We are all about the craftsmanship of what we do. Check out our photo gallery for some examples of what we do. Our company never charges any fees and works hard to help you realize the concrete patio or flooring surface of your dreams. We also do repairs and routine maintenance work, so give us a call today!

Our Services

The full range of concrete services and solutions that we provide here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors are far more comprehensive and affordable than any of our local competitors’. We are fully committed to helping our residential, commercial and municipal customers not only fulfill all their concrete needs, but to enhance their concrete prospects with proper care. Properly installed and maintained concrete can last decades. Our aim is to provide great looking concrete options that do not break the bank and are built to last. If you are considering a new patio or driveway, give us a call today.

Concrete Driveway

At Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, we provide our customers in Pembroke Pines, FL and the surrounding area the most professional concrete driveway services and solutions in the local industry. If you’re looking for expert design and installation, you’ve come to the right place. Typically, a concrete driveway is four inches thick. However, if it will be dealing with heavier vehicles on a regular basis like an RV then getting a thicker slab of concrete is probably the best choice. Let’s figure out which concrete driveway is right for you today!

Concrete Patio

Our professionals at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors take a lot of pride in the design and implementation of our concrete patio solutions. From the design phase to the installation, our crew covers every step of realizing the dream patio you’ve always wanted. We also provide compressive repair and extension solutions and services. Our design team works in close consultation with our customers to achieve the exact vision you have in mind and implement it without exceeding your budget. We pride ourselves on providing affordable yet quality concrete patios services.

Stamped Concrete

Stamped concrete is an industry favorite for a few very good reasons. Here at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, we provide full and comprehensive stamped concrete services and solutions from design to installation. Whether it’s a patio, pool deck, driveway or walkway, it’s hard to go wrong with stamped concrete, particularly with our contractors. A fantastic low maintenance option that looks great, if you’re in the market for new outdoor or indoor flooring solutions then you should think about our stamped concrete options. It’s built to last and will look fantastic.

“Though I always wanted a brick patio, I thought it was something only rich people could afford. I had no idea that it was comfortably within my own price range until I found the professionals at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. The design process was so smooth. They really took into account everything I had imagined for my dream patio. Then with the installation they made it a reality! I’m so happy with my brick patio and couldn’t recommend Rocko’s Concrete Contractors enough.” – Linda M.

“I was pretty upset when I accidentally dropped a massive weight load on my concrete driver. It smashed a hole so big that I could no long park my car on the driveway because it was harmful to the suspension. When I was shopping around for concrete contractors to replace, nobody had better rates and a better looking photo gallery of past jobs than Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. I called them up and sure enough they began work the next day. I love my new driveway.” – Tom P.

“When I was looking around for a new walkway for my backyard, I stumbled on Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. I gave them a call to check on their rates, and the contactor on the other end talked my ear off about stamped concrete and all of its benefits. I’m glad he did! Now I have an amazing looking walkway that I know is going to last for many years to come.” – Randall L.

Concrete Repair

Concrete repair services are essential to ensuring that your concrete lasts the entirety of its service life. It’s important to repair damaged concrete because if a crack or hole is allowed to expand, it will only get bigger and the problem will never resolve itself on its own. The longer that goes on, the more structural integrity is compromised, and that can lead to truly dangerous situations. If you notice sagging, holes cracks or other signs of damage, call us at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors right away to keep the damage minimal.

Concrete Sidewalk

At Rocko’s Concrete Contractors, our professionals know sidewalks and walkways better than anyone, including the competition. Our residential, commercial and municipal customers know they have a reliable service which provides consistently affordable rates and top notch quality concrete sidewalk and walkway solutions. From the design process to installation to maintenance and repairs, we are the one stop show for concrete sidewalk and walkway services. If you need replace your side walk or want to upgrade with options like stamped concrete, our friendly representatives are standing by waiting for your call.

Ramp Installation

Creating an accessible entrance on your property is important these days whether you are the owner or manager of residential, commercial or municipal property. For all your ramp installation and repair needs, call the experts at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors. Our ramps are beautiful and built to last with low, low affordable rates designed to fit modest budgets. Perhaps you’ve decided it’s finally time to get a ramp installed but don’t know where to turn. Look no further than our crew. There is no better ramp services provider in the entire local area.

Contact Us Today

We at Rocko’s Concrete Contractors are the best in the local Pembroke Pines, FL area concrete industry. From the design process to installation to fully comprehensive repair and maintenance services and solutions, you’ve come to the right place for all things concrete when you give our crew a call. Serving residential, commercial and municipal clients all over the local area, we design, install and repair a wide variety of concrete surfaces and projects as well as brick sidewalks and brick patios. If you’d like a consultation or to schedule us for routine maintenance or repairs, our friendly representatives are standing by to take your call. You can also send us an email at the address listed below.